Scents that embody your most treasured moments.


Our sense of smell is more closely linked to our memories than any of the other four senses. A special fragrance can trigger strong emotions and feelings, recreating vivid memories and experiences-- like how the scent of a Summer orchard takes you back to memories of childhood picnics. 


Tapping into our sense of smell through a variety of hand-made perfumes, candles, and room sprays, Instance Fragrances is on a mission to create fragrances that help you bring those cherished memories back to life, and to be present during the ones you create now. 


Irene Nagayo


Born and raised in the Philippines, travel-loving entrepreneur and photographer, Irene Nagayo, spent many years capturing her own global memories through her stunning photography. After moving from the Philippines to Australia (where she spent 15 years), Irene relocated again to sunny Los Angeles, California where she currently lives and works. 


In an effort to share her cherished travel memories with the world, she created Instance Fragrances and launched in 2018 with a series of unique perfumes. As her business expanded, she decided to add luxury, hand-made soy candles and home fragrances (2019). In her eyes, by creating more home fragrances, she has the chance to enlighten and inspire the world; transporting her customers to the different global destinations she’s had the privilege to travel to. 


“I view life’s most beautiful essence not as material things, but as people, places, and memories. We may not remember all of the details or everything that was said, but we will always remember how we felt in that moment… and every Instance Fragrances product contains a scent that hopefully helps to capture some of those feelings.”


As a Los Angeles based small business with a commitment to sustainability and healthy living, Instance Fragrances uses the best quality ingredients to ensure that all products are phthalate and paraben-free. Our hand-poured candles are made out of 100% locally grown soy wax and contain a cotton wick for a cleaner burn experience. Our authentic home-made process uses far less resources than common mass-produced factory items which is great for the environment, and also ensures that our items are individually checked to deliver you the highest quality goods. 


We hope you enjoy Instance Fragrances-- Scents tied to memories.